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Privacy Policy

As of May 2018 any business holding data about their clients has to adhere to new privacy data laws. Here is the Privacy Policy for Bina Convey Counselling:

Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy explains how I use and protect any information that you give to me when you use my counselling service.

Phone numbers and email addresses: Phone numbers and email addresses will be deleted when you stop using my services. Any correspondence we may have through texts or emails will be deleted on a monthly basis.

Social media: I will not contact or engage in contact with you through any social media.

Records: Client notes are held in hand written form, hard copy only. These are coded to protect anonymity and stored separately from email details. This data is locked in a filing cabinet to which I am the only person with access. Notes are destroyed 2 years after counselling has ended. Records for payment of my services are similarly protected. I am obliged legally to hold these for tax purposes but will be destroyed after the obligatory period of time.

Third Parties: No data is passed to a third party unless for legal or safeguarding reasons. In this case prior consent by you will always be obtained.

Last updated: 4/6/18

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